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Ngau Chi Wan

Welcome to Ngau Chi Wan

Ngau Chi wan meaning Cattle Pond bay is one of the first village settlements in the Kowloon area of Hong Kong, and wasn’t completely explored completely until a few years ago. Owing to the recent and rampant development of Hong Kong homes in the area and a few other factors, Ngau Chi Wan is better known as Choi Hung Estates meaning rainbow.
Awarded with a silver medal at the Hong Kong Institute of Architects Annual Awards in 1965, today Ngau Chi Wan is highlighted with several residential and commercial complexes to include the Chi Mei House, Luk Ching house, Kam Wan House, Pik Hoi House and Pak Suet House among others. Buying your first home in Ngau Chi Wan will give you first hand access to five schools, an extensive list of shops and restaurants all located within the estate. For a showing of any of the properties in Ngau Chi Wan, give our experts a call today.

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