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Tai O

Welcome to Tai O

Tai is one of the oldest fishing villages in Hong Kong mostly on the banks of the river. The area is charming like no other areas in HK and buying a property here will get you first hand views of the elegance all year round. Populated by mostly stilt houses, Tai O is woven with narrow streets that are embedded with village shops. Unlike other areas on Lantau Island, Tai O’s sustainable ecotourism offers great potential for property investors so visit our listings to book yours today.
Although an old fishing village, Tai O offers one stop access to all modern means of commute including the nearby Ngong Pong village. Furthermore, there is also two kindergarten, one secondary and one primary school in Tai O and also a few small shopping centers. Tai O homes are a excellent choice for those HK property seekers looking for respite from the hustle and bustle of the city. Our interactive map is a great way to start your search in Hong Kong, which will allow you to instantly locate all the residential and well as rental properties in Tai O and beyond.

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