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theDesk United Centre

theDesk United Centre
95 Queensway, Admiralty

Located in the most vibrant CBD - Admiralty, the neighborhood is sandwiched between the central business district and the retail district of Wan Chai means it has a unique blend of work and leisure. Admiralty’s proximity to Central is a big advantage for enterprises of any size. Whether you’re a startup or a multi-national corporation, chances are that you will need support in terms of legal, banking and accounting services are found in Central. These services are essential to all kinds of businesses.

Moreover, this co-working space aims at creating an ""inclusive community"" where members and neighboring businesses can connect with each other for closer collaboration in an increasingly shared economy. They believe that businesses today can only succeed from cross pollination of ideas and close partnerships. Join their professional community, catch up over a coffee, share ideas, receive preferential prices from their business partners, and get free access to workshops. They care about community and neighborhoods. It means they care about you.

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Contact Person : Paul Johnson

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