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Top 7 Tips To Make Buying Watches in Hong Kong Easy

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  • June 23, 2020

Watches in Hong Kong have for the past three decades been a significant contributor to tourism in the country. And, there is little doubt that Hong Kong is a watch buyer’s wonderland. Millions of quality timepiece hunters from around the world flock to Hong Kong every year in search of valuable Hong Kong Vintage Watches and Hong Kong Watch Manufacturers, in search of the best local and international craftsmen. In fact, in 2017, Hong Kong stood firmly at the top of the Swiss watch export list. For avid watch enthusiasts, this is excellent news; as it is for the local tourism trade.

The love of luxury is ingrained in Hong Kong, from cars to fashion and houses. Hong Kong has the highest per capita spending on luxury items in the world. It is no surprise then that luxury watches in Hong Kong are at the top of many tourist’s lists when visiting this fantastic city. The vibrant city offers a complete range of luxury new or used imported high-end timepieces as well as a flourishing local market of fine handcrafted watches. With the sheer number of beautiful watches on offer, which watch would you choose?

It is important to remember that there is more to a watch than merely being a timekeeping device. A luxury watch will match its wearer and their lifestyle perfectly. It would seamlessly fit into a lifestyle meant to draw attention. Life on the higher end of the scale is not complete without a watch to match. Only the finest materials are used in the expert craftsmanship of luxury watches, and this includes precious metals and stones.

Tips for buying watches in Hong Kong

The list of watches in Hong Kong brand is endless; therefore, it’s always handy to have a few tried and tested tips for going watch shopping in Hong Kong. The full diversity of watches available in Hong Kong is sure to leave even the most seasoned watch shopper dazzled. Here’s a quick guide for everything you’ll need to know when entering a Hong Kong watches shop:

Cash is King

It is not uncommon for those heading out to shop for watches in Hong Kong to carry with them bricks of money. While credit card facilities are readily available, you are more than likely to be able to strike up a deal when offering cash for your desired quality timepiece. Additionally, many credit cards are limited to the amount you can spend on them in a single day. If you feel unsafe carrying around a large amount of cash you are welcome to place a deposit down on the luxury watch of your choice while you zip to the closest bank to draw more money.

Early Start

If you are planning to buy a watch in Hong Kong, be sure you plan for a whole day out. With streets lined with stores and Hong Kong watch manufacturers, you simply cannot expect to see everything in just a few hours. Yes, you can easily visit a Hong Kong watch shop online, but it doesn’t beat seeing the watches in person and taking in their true majesty.

Get Quality

When looking at luxury watches in Hong Kong, the price cannot be your sole motivator. You need to look out for the best quality timepieces. You need to know which watches you like, and which designs and styles you prefer. Luxury watches such as Rolex and Omega have over the year launched exclusive ranges aimed at specific markets. Formula One fans will find their ideal wristwatches crafted by Rolex while Omega launched an exclusive range inspired by the Olympics. Find your fancy and then find the perfect watch to showcase your love and passion.

Build Trust

Remember, watch enthusiasts from around the world are looking for the same exquisite timepieces as you. Hong Kong watch dealers are looking to build lasting relationships of trust with customers who are in search of luxury watches. A relationship built on faith in the watch industry means returning business. Be sure to keep this in mind and try to find a watch dealer you can trust to deliver the highest quality timepieces now and into the future. Don’t be afraid to ask your dealer for their contact number and remember to stay in touch.

Avoid Unregistered Dealers

The quickest way to lose a lot of money when looking for watches in Hong Kong to buy is to purchase one from an unregistered dealer. Many unscrupulous watch traders won’t think twice about taking your money for a fake, albeit a good fake. It is for this reason that it also pays to know as much as possible about the watch you want to buy before you set out looking for your perfect wrist accessory.

Know Your Brand

Know your brand! Decide beforehand what type of watch you want to buy. Do your research and find out as much as possible. How much does the watch typically cost? What is the value of the watch after the sale? How many were made and are available worldwide? Where was it made? Remember, it will also pay off to look into a local Hong Kong watch brand and compare it to other imported brands. Then decide whether you are looking for a brand new watch or a perfectly preserved second-hand one. If you choose to buy a second-hand luxury watch, always go into your deal knowing how much you are willing to spend and set your maximum spending limit.

Enjoy The Experience

With so many people from around the world visiting one city, it’s hard not to get completely immersed in the culture of watches in Hong Kong. Take all of it in and enjoy every minute of your journey.

Manners, Always

As with any busy international market; Hong Kong watch markets and stores can get a little crowded at the best of times.  Always stay calm and remember to wait for your turn. Having excellent manners is the first step to building amazing relationships with watch traders in Hong Kong.

Where to buy watches in hong kong?

Those in search of quality watches will generally encounter three types of Hong Kong watch dealers. These are: authorised dealers, used watch dealers, and new watch traders. Either of these three traders are experts in the field of international watch trades and any one of the local luxury Hong Kong watch company that also serves the watch markets. Keep in mind that each of the three dealer-types has their pros and cons and you need to decide which is the best match for you and what you are looking at buying.

Authorised Dealers

Authorised dealers are very much the same as labelled stores worldwide. When searching for Hong Kong watches online, you’ll find a detailed store directory list which will include many authorised dealers. These traders have often been vetted by the luxury watch companies that are approved for selling high-end international brands.

You’ll find these stores in large shopping centres. The pro of dealing with an authorised trader is that you run a low risk of buying a fake product. On the downside, you need to face the price, often a non-negotiable one at that.  Another con in dealing with authorised dealers is that they usually won’t have a massive selection of items at any one time. It’s a matter of you take what you can get.

New Watch Dealers

The new watch dealers in Hong Kong make up for a high number of the Hong Kong watch shop both online and traditional stores. If you are looking for Hong Kong made watches or international luxury watch brands, you are sure to find it in the new watch market. These stores only stock new watches. The guys running the new watch trade in Hong Kong have all the connections. They often buy large amounts of stock from trade shows or authorised dealers either in Hong Kong or elsewhere in the world.

This operating practice means that the certificate you receive with your watch would be signed in either Hong Kong or Dubai or even the UK. If you are looking for a specific watch and cannot find it anywhere else, your best bet would be to visit a new watch dealer. Within a couple of phone calls, you’ll probably have a good lead on the watch you want. On the downside, you run a slightly higher risk of buying a Hong Kong watches replica.

Watches in Hong Kong – Local vs International

When looking to buy watches in Hong Kong, you’ll be faced with two main options regardless of where you decide to buy your watch. Will you be investing in an international high-end name brand watch, or will you opt for a high-end Hong Kong local watch brand? Interestingly, an independent Hong Kong watch company such as Void and Maven are uniquely poised to take over a niche luxury watch market soon. This change comes as more young entrepreneurs entering the elite class go in search of something entirely different from the watch their parents wore in previous years.

There are still those who seek out timeless quality Hong Kong watches online and in local stores, always on the hunt for vintage Quintel watches in Hong Kong. One of the most searched online watch options is Hong Kong Omega watches. This search-demand shows that while the big names in luxury such as Rolex and Tag Heuer are in demand, there is still very much a market for timeless quality Hong Kong vintage watches.

Where to buy cheap watches in hong kong?

The used watch dealership section of the market in Hong Kong is not only the biggest, but it is also the most interesting. Not only will you find a massive selection of used luxury watches from international brands, but you will also find many stunning Hong Kong local watch brand ready for purchase. One of the most significant benefits of visiting one of the many used watch dealers in Hong Kong is the price.

Hong Kong watches price comparisons show that you can pick up exclusive luxury used watches for around 30% less than anywhere else in the world. The downside is that there are so many dealers to choose from, and you also run the risk of picking up a replica if you do not know what to look for. Remember you might be able to pick up a classic luxury watch in your desired style from a trusted used watch dealer. Be sure always to take a watch that is in excellent condition.

Where to buy fake watches in hong kong?

While many watch enthusiasts and buyers go in search of luxury watches in Hong Kong to buy, others are looking out for the best Hong Kong watches replica markets. Many Hong Kong watch manufacturers are also placing a significant focus on creating quality replicas designed explicitly for a market of people who cannot afford timepieces by the likes of Rolex, Hublot, Cartier, Bremont and Breitling. The Hong Kong watch brand list for quality replica watches continues to grow daily. In many cases, the counterfeit watches are of such a high standard that they could easily pass for an original by anyone who does not wholly know their watch brands. Replica watches in Hong Kong price comparisons show you’d be able to pick up an excellent watch replica of your favourite brand for around 40% of the price of an original in the authorised dealer market.


Wandering through the meandering streets of Hong Kong’s watch market will leave even the most seasoned shopper in awe. Many a Hong Kong watch company relies on the support of millions of timekeeping enthusiasts from around the world who visit the city every year in search of the perfect Hong Kong watch strap or watch face among the thousands of Hong Kong watch dealers. Whether you are choosing to buy your next watch in Hong Kong online, or whether you’re heading into the streets, be prepared for one of the world’s most alluring luxury markets. Filled with ticking timelessness, experience this fascinating world of wonder in person. Welcome to Hong Kong’s internationally renowned watch markets.

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