5 Great Ways to Use the Rating and Valuation Department

When someone talks about ‘Rating and Valuation Department’ (RVD), what is the first thing that pops up to your mind? Rates, government rent or valuation of properties? In addition to calculating and collecting the rates and government rent of your property, RVD actually delivers a lot more services to the public. Here are 5 useful services that you might have never …

Spacious - May 6, 2020

House Hunting Tip (6) View properties on the go

6) View properties on the go. Mobile apps are a great way to check out the latest listings while on the move. By simply selecting the “What’s around me” function, you can see all of the properties within your immediate vicinity, and where everything is in relation to the properties. The award-winning Spacious property HK search app for Android and …

Asif Ghafoor - June 29, 2017

House Hunting Tip (5) See if it’s a sellers market

5) See if it’s a sellers market. When you find a listing you like, you will need to contact an agent. You’ll need to know exactly what kind of leverage you have to negotiate the price. One way to check market sentiment is to look at what homes are selling/renting for relative to the Spacious price estimate. Our calculator shows …

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House Hunting Tip (4) Save your search

4) Save your search. Once you have identified your search criteria, you should save these search parameters to get notified the moment any new listings match your criteria are created.

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House Hunting Tip (3) Use filters

3) Use filters. Sure, you may have narrowed your results by bedrooms and price, but what about filtering to see homes with a pool, a balcony, with high quality photos? Clicking on the Spacious’ “more” search options button in the filter bar will give you these choices. Spacious also offers a 24/48-hour filter which shows you listings uploaded in the …

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House Hunting Tip (2) Avoid Duplicate Listings

2) Avoid portals that don’t filter duplicates or check for out-of-date listings. One of the most frustrating things about Hong Kong homes is the lack of sole agency agreements, which are more prevalent in the UK and US. It is quite common for a single property to be listed by 20 different agents in Hong Kong. Platforms that use the …

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House Hunting Tip (1) Use a map view search.

1) Use a map view search. When searching for property in Hong Kong, you generally have two kinds of people browsing: People who know the area they want to live in very well;Others who are new to an area. Portals in Hong Kong and most Asian cities offer only a list view search mechanism. If you don’t know where you …

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