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Real Unique Hotels in the Netherlands

Overseas Property | May 12, 2017

When it comes to “unique hotels”, we usually think of the exclusive interior designs, uncommon services, notable history of the hotel building, special themes, to name but a few. However, what I am talking about here in this post, is that “everything can be converted into a hotel”! To be more accurate, all kinds of public transportation. What does this actually mean? Scroll down and you’ll know!

  1. Controversy Tram Hotel 

Controversy Tram Hotel, symbolizing a pair of Dutch couple’s passion in converting obsolete trams into creative and modern accommodation is an extraordinary place to stay in your trip. The train has room that can accommodate 4 people; whereas the trams are beautifully themed with regards to the United States, the United Kingdom, France and Italy. Perfect place for you to try sleeping in a London Double Decker bus! Just like many other hotels, you got a small kitchen or dining area in your room. But it is highly recommended to eat in its Controversy kitchen because food is served from a 1950s French van here! Isn’t it the icing on the cake?

source: controversy
  1. Crane Hotel Faralda Amsterdam

Crane Hotel Faralda Amsterdam calls itself the most insane and inspiring place of staying. Well I’d say this is surely undeniable! This one-of-a-kind hotel converted a dockside crane into a luxury hideaway for you. Here in the marvellous suites, not only can you overlook the grand river, but you can also see the stunning panoramic view of Amsterdam’s city centre. Staying here simply guarantees that you have the most exceptional stories to tell the others! One thing that worth highlighting is that you can live your life to the diamond standard by enjoying the spa pool on the top deck! Illuminated views, ultimate amusement.

Address: NDSM-plein 78, 1033 WB Amsterdam
Phone: +31 (0)20 7606161

source: tripadvisor
  1. Lifeboat Hotel 

Yes you know it right away that it is a lifeboat! This is not only a historical Watson class lifeboat that rescued hundreds of lives from 1955 to 1979, but also a lifeboat functioning very well now that it saves you from the traditional hotels! What’s better than enjoying your good morning at the aft cabin of the ship where breakfast is secretly delivered to the pilot cabin upstairs at the beginning of your day? To further upgrade your experience here, you can also hire a private captain who will take you to a two-hour trip, showing you how agile he is. If you are fancying a cruise, this is probably your top choice!

source: dromen aan zee

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